Metal Chairs

Indoor and Outdoor

Available in a wide array of colors (see below for colors available) with either a powder coated finish for indoor use or an Ionized finish for outdoor use. Both finishes result in a 100% rust free frame.  Surface rust created by air particulates are easily wiped off.

Available Colors

Midnight Matte Black 29.jpg

Midnight Matte Black (#29)

Lemon Yellow Gloss 101C.jpg

Lemon Yellow Gloss (#101c)

Matte Red 8048.jpg

Matte Red (#8408)

Matte Light green-blue 5595u.jpg

Matte Light Green/Blue (#5595U)

Matte Gray 7113.jpg

Matte Gray (#7113)

Matte Brown 1031-1.jpg

Matte Brown (#1031-1)

Matte Black 3474.jpg

Matte Black (#3474)

Light Green Highlight 41141-1.jpg

Light Green highlight (#41141-1)

High Gloss Orange P2004.jpg

High Gloss Orange (#P2004)

High Gloss Black 2012.jpg

High Gloss Black (#2012)

High Gloss White 1004.jpg

High Gloss White (#1004)

Fruit Green Gloss 5020.jpg

Gloss Fruit Green (#5020)

Flash Silver 01220-1.jpg

Flash Silver (#01220-1)

Fire Engine Red Gloss 6053.jpg

Fire Engine Red Glass (#6053)

Flash Brown 8023.jpg

Flash Brown (#8023)

Crystal Blue Glossy 3125C.jpg

Crystal Blue Gloss (#3125C)